DSC PC1616, PC1832, PC1864 Programming
DSC uses a combined manual for the PC1616, PC1832, and PC1864. The programming procedures are exactly the same, but the larger 1832 and 1864 panels will have more programming segments in a given programming location due to their higher capacity as compared to a PC1616.

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Setup Over Local Network
  • Remotely Control Your System
  • Alarm Notification Over SMS and Email
  • No Monthly Fees

The module emulates a keypad on your system allowing the Envisalink 3 to communicate alarm panel status directly to you over the Internet, also allowing you to control your system from your computer or smartphone. All this with no monthly fees. If you need professional monitoring for your insurance company they can provide that too. This is a great deal for the do-it-yourself security enthusiast.

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