• PC1616 Control Panel
  • RFK-5501 Keypad
  • LC-100PI Motion Detector
  • Indoor Siren
  • 12V 4Ah Control Battery
  • RJ-31X Jack and Cord
This is the DSC kit of choice for residential and small business applications. The RFK-5501 keypad's built in wireless receiver will allow the use of the wide variety of DSC wireless devices available at Amazon. DSC kits for some reason don't include a transformer, no biggie, those are available below as well.

DSC Transformer

Compatible Accessories:

DSC Wireless Devices
Motion Detectors
Door / Window Contacts
Sirens / Sounders

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Envisalink 3 - Internet Monitoring of Honeywell and DSC Systems

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Setup Over Local Network
  • Remotely Control Your System
  • Alarm Notification Over SMS and Email
  • No Monthly Fees

The module emulates a keypad on your system allowing the Envisalink 3 to communicate alarm panel status directly to you over the Internet, also allowing you to control your system from your computer or smartphone. All this with no monthly fees. If you need professional monitoring for your insurance company they can provide that too. This is a great deal for the do-it-yourself security enthusiast.

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