• 1 - Vista 20P Control Panel in a metal enclosure
  • 1 - 12 Volt 4 amp/hour backup battery
  • 1 - 6160RF Wireless Capable Alpha-numeric Keypad
  • 1 - Hardwire Motion Detector
  • 1 - 31X telephone jack and cord
  • 1 - Indoor Siren
This is the Honeywell starter kit you'll need to begin your Honeywell security system. The included 6160RF keypad provides both a custom alpha display necessary for system programming and a built-in wireless receiver for wireless device capability.

Install your Honeywell Vista 20P like a pro by following these four simple steps.

Wire the Vista 20P control panel and peripherals
This guide provides everything you'll need to know to install your system in a quick and efficient manner.

Initial Power Up
The first time power-up of a Honeywell system can be confusing to a newbie, this guide will show how simple it can be.

System Programming
All professional security systems have tons of programming options, the vast majority of which can (and should) be left at their factory settings. This guide will tell you exactly which settings need your attention.

Wireless Device Programming
Wireless accessories are a huge part of most security systems. This guide will explain how to enroll wireless accessories into your Honeywell system.
Vista 10P
Vista 15P
Vista 20P

Factory Documentation (Current Models)
User's Manuals

This is the best meter I've ever owned. The display can be read across a dark room, and it include's temperature probe that I find handy when working on temperature alarms.
Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver

This thing is just plain cool. There's only one button recessed into the rear of the body that activates the gyro when you put pressure on the screw. Then you just tilt the driver in the direction you want the bit to turn. The farther you tilt it, the faster it goes. Plus it's cheap.
Amprobe Pocket

I keep this in my clipboard for quick service calls. It's not as cool as the Milwaukee, but it does the job. It's inexpensive but not cheaply made and the display is surprisingly nice.
Milwaukee Cordless Hammer Drill

I have tons of Milwaukee M12 tools, this is my favorite. It can be used as a standard drill, it has a clutch for using it as a screwdriver, and it has a hammer drill function for drilling anchor holes in concrete. Plus it's small enough to fit in my tool bag.
Fluke Tone Generator

A tone generator is crucial for troubleshooting circuits. Attach the generator to a pair of wires, then use the amplifier to track the wire behind walls and above ceilings all the way to the wire's final destination. It's great for identifying all devices connected to a particular security system zone.
In My Toolbox
There are 25 terminals on the Vista 20P, Starting left to right, we begin with the AC Transformer connection.
There are 25 terminals on the Vista 20 P board, each will be discussed in the following pages.
The transformer converts your 110 VAC outlet voltage into a safe, 16.5 VAC power source for the control panel.
The transformer takes your 110 VAC outlet voltage and converts it into a low-voltage 16.5 VAC power source for the control panel. It's AC in, and AC out, so polarity is not a concern when wiring, either terminal of the transfomer can be wired to either terminal of the control.
Next Step: Siren Installation
Compatible Accessories for the Honeywell Vista 20P (with Installation Tips)
  • 1 - Vista 20P Control Panel in a metal enclosure
  • 1 - 12 Volt 4 amp/hour backup battery
  • 1 - 6160RF Wireless Capable Alpha-numeric Keypad
  • 1 - Hardwire Motion Detector
  • 1 - 31X telephone jack and cord
  • 1 - Indoor Siren
An average system would be the V20P60RFK kit with the included motion detector plus door contacts on all accessible doors.

An above average system would be the V20P60RFk kit with door contacts and a few motion detectors.

What should your system be? As a do-it-yourselfer that's a question you get to decide. The links below will give you inside info on how to incorporate various accessories into your new or existing Honeywell security system.
Wireless Device Purchasing Tips

The Honeywell Vista 20P is a wireless capable panel, but it requires the addition a wireless receiver to enable to communicate with wireless devices. Our V20P60RFK kit includes a 6160RF keypad that has an internal high capacity wireless receiver built into it. If you've purchased a kit elsewhere that doesn't already have a wireless receiver you'll need to purchase either a stand-alone receiver or one of the wireless capable keypads listed below.

Modern wireless devices offer outstanding reliability with their long-lasting lithium batteries that last years between changings. Their up front cost is more than their wired counterparts, but when their ease of installation is taken into consideration they're a true bargain. I've made a Vista 20P wireless device programming guide here....the wireless devices listed below are fully compatible with the instructions given in the guide.   

Wired Device Purchasing Tips

Unlike wireless devices, wired devices aren't proprietary to a make or model of security panel. Put simply, if you're replacing an existing non-Honeywell system, you can keep using your existing contacts, motion detectors, glass breakage detectors, etc. Pretty much everything but keypads will transfer between systems.

Wired device wiring is discussed here.

Siren Purchasing Tips

The included indoor siren in the V20P60RFK kit is surprisingly loud and is more than sufficient for most applications. The main concern when installing extra sounders is current draw.

The Vista 20P siren output is capable of supplying a maximum of 2 amps. As a rule of thumb an inside siren will pull about .5 amp, a 30 watt outdoor siren will pull about 1 amp. Purchase your sirens accordingly. I've made a siren installation how-to here.
Keypad Purchasing Tips

The Vista 20P is capable of supporting up to eight keypads. The 6160RF is the perfect main keypad due to it's custom alpha display (necessary for programming) and it's internal high capacity wireless receiver. The less expensive 6150 is more than sufficient as a secondary keypad. If you want multiple custom alpha keypads make not to buy more than one 6160RF as multiple wireless receivers are not supported by the Vista 20P, buy the standard 6160 instead.

I've made a keypad installation how-to here

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