This portion of the site explains how to install all of the parts included in the Honeywell V20P60RFPK kit along with other optional components you may choose to add to your system. Other Honeywell areas of the site include:

Initial Power Up
System Programming
Wireless Programming
Vista 20P Control Panel and Peripheral Wiring

There are 25 terminals on the Vista 20P board, it sounds like a lot, but it's really very simple. We'll begin with the transformer connection on terminals 1 and 2, then continue in turn to describe each connection.
There are 25 terminals on the Vista 20 P board, each will be discussed in the following pages.
The transformer converts your 110 VAC outlet voltage into a safe, 16.5 VAC power source for the control panel.
The transformer takes your 110 VAC outlet voltage and converts it into a low-voltage 16.5 VAC power source for the control panel. It's AC in, and AC out, so polarity is not a concern when wiring, either terminal of the transfomer can be wired to either terminal of the control.
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The Vista 20P uses a 16.5 Volt 25 VA transformer. It has a fuse in it's secondary that can easily be blown, the fuse can't be replaced, so you may someday need a replacement transformer. This transformer is a direct replacement for your Vista 10, Vista 15P, and Vista 20P system.
Next Step: Siren Installation
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Envisalink 3 - Internet Monitoring of Honeywell and DSC Systems

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Setup Over Local Network
  • Remotely Control Your System
  • Alarm Notification Over SMS and Email
  • No Monthly Fees

The module emulates a keypad on your system allowing the Envisalink 3 to communicate alarm panel status directly to you over the Internet, also allowing you to control your system from your computer or smartphone. All this with no monthly fees. If you need professional monitoring for your insurance company they can provide that too. This is a great deal for the do-it-yourself security enthusiast.

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