DSC Wireless Device Programming

Programming DSC wireless is easy, once you know what areas to program. My test panel is a DSC PC1616 (which programs the same as a PC1832) and is already programmed as a working hardwired system, I simply want to add a wireless motion detector to it.

Every DSC wireless device has a serial number assigned to it at the factory, the serial number will be on a sticker attached to the enclosure.
The serial number is 304E5B
Because the serial number contains Hex digits "E" and "B" you'll need to press the asterisk key before and after each Hex entry, this is a cheat sheet on how to enter the Hex portion of the serial number when programming.
Zone 17 is the most convenient spot to start programming wireless devices on either a PC1616 or PC1832. The following programming steps will assume you are using the factory installler code of 5555.            Click Here for a programming sheet to follow along

Zone Definitions
01= Delay Door
03= Instant Door or Window
05= Interior Stay/Away (Motion Detectors)
Many other zone definitions exist, these are simply the most popular
Press * 8 5555 to enter programming mode
Press 002 to go to the zone defintion block that begins with zone 17
Press 05 to program zone 17 as Interior Stay/Away
Press # to exit the location but remain in programming mode
Press 117, pause, then 8 to enable zone 17 as wireless
Press # to exit the location but remain in programming mode
Press 204, pause, then 1 to enable zone 17 on partition 1
Press # to exit the location but remain in programming mode
Press 804 to enter the serial number program section
Press 17 , pause, then 304*5*5*2 to assign the serial number to zone 17
Press # to exit the serial number programming section
Press # again to exit programming altogether
This is the serial number to my motion detector, yours will be it's own unique number.
The above example is based on installing a single device on zone 17, if you want to install multiple devices there are a few things to keep in mind.
Address 002 in my example is a zone definition block that begins with zone 17 and ends with zone 32. I only wanted to program zone 17 so I entered 05 (for Interior Stay/Away) then # to exit, had I wanted to program zones 17, 18, and 19 as motion detectors I would have entered 05 05 05 then #. In short, when you enter location 002 you're beginning with 17 and continuing on until you reach 32, or until you press # to exit.
Address 117 in my example is the address to enable wireless on zone 17,  zone 18 will be at address 118, zone 19 will be at address 119, and so on.
Address 204 is an eight zone programming block to enable zones 17 through 24 on partition one. In my example I only wanted to add zone 17 so I pressed 1 then # to exit the location. Had I wanted to enable all eight zones I would have pressed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, then # to exit the location.
Address 804 is the wireless device serial number entry location. The two digits you enter after 804 is the zone that you want to program the serial number for, in my example it was 17.
Normal Mode
* 8 then the four
digit installer code
Programming Mode
Enter a three digit
location number
Press # or
Reach the end of the programming string
Press #
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